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Why this Tomboy Turned Flowy Dress Photographer

Flowy dresses

Long Flowy Dresses for Photoshoot

Despite what we've been told for the past 2 generations, we women don't have to act or look like a man to express our power and strength.

Flowy dress photography accentuates the feminine in women of ALL shapes and sizes.

That's what Goddess Lens is all about. Legacy. Connection. Storytelling.

I founded this company to allow women who normally don't love being in front of the camera to find their power within their femininity.

  • To tell their story.

  • To stand out.

  • Be Bold.

  • Connect to Nature.

  • And show to world the Goddess they truly are inside.

Flowy Dress Photoshoot Genesis

Flowy dresses mark a departure for me. I might be called a tomboy. A crossfit-hippie. A function-over-form kinda gal.

As a former athlete, naval officer and health care provider -- the "wrapping paper" always seemed useless to me.

But then I started to realize that people act from emotions and not facts. And then all of my medical and psychological training suggested the same thing.

A flowy long dress photoshoot empowers women to get out of their head and into their body in a way that talking pales in comparison.

So I went out and got some flowy dresses for pictures and paired it with my hiking lifestyle business to make more impact for women to find their power.

Best Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses
Quick trip to Turkey - Hadrians Gate

The trip to find these long flowy dresses for pictures started on etsy. I love to support women owned small businesses. I found a Ukrainian woman in Turkey on etsy and she suggested I come and pick them up in her hometown. She generously picked me up at the airport at 11 pm, took me to her studio and showed me with great love her creations. She even fed me and took me to my hotel.

Flowy Dresses with Train

She upgraded my photography flowy dresses to include 3.5 meter long trains! She explained all the care and posing and different ways to adjust the satin dresses so that any woman can feel fabulous.

Flowy Dresses for Plus Size & Flowy Dresses for Pregnancy

Many women have dreamed of a red flowy dress photoshoot they've seen on Instagram but don't think it's for them. Maybe they think the dresses only work for model-esque women. Maybe they think it's 1000s of dollars. Both are not true!

Flowy Dresses work well for both plus sized and pregnant women. The straps are adjustable from size XS to 4XL. Incredible and inclusive.

Flowy Maternity Photoshoot Dress

We have flowy maternity dresses for photoshoots in 8 different styles and colors. You can have the best flowy dress maternity photo to share your upcoming joy.

Long Flowy Dress for Photoshoot Locations in Europe

Flowy dresses

The locations are endless but some of my favorites are the Dolomites in Italy, the wild Alentejo coast of Portugal and the castles and forests of Germany.

If it's Adventure, Nature or History themed it's got potential.

Flowy dress for beach photoshoot locations are in Portugal, Sicily and France.

Flowy Dresses for Engagement Photos

Let's be real, engagement photos are definitely all about HER. What a great way to commemorate your engagement with flowy dresses for engagement photos.

It's simple and easy to arrange a long flowy dress for engagement photoshoot that you can share with family and friends.

Flowy Dresses Rentals

If you are an amateur or professional photographer and want to liven up some of your imagery with flowy satin dresses in Europe, contact me for rates and availability.

Dresses for photoshoot on rent in Europe include 8 different sizes and styles. From XS to 4XL.

Check out my dress library to see your options. Colors in red, green, fuchsia, yellow, purple and blue.

Book Your Flowy Dress Photoshoot

If you're interested in Goddess Lens packages, contact me to talk about your dream photoshoot.

From bespoke destination photography packages to women-centric hiking & photoshoot experiences, there's something for every woman.

Email at for flying dress photoshoot near me or for an upcoming vacation in Europe.


Author Profile: Morgan Fielder is a Germany-based travel writer and women's empowerment photographer.

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