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Hello there!
Especially:  Women with military backgrounds, motherhood, grandmotherhood, and curves or muscles not typically highlighted by pop culture. 

​My name is Morgan Fielder, and I am an American expat, mom, veteran and constantly recovering Tomboy, based in Landstuhl, Germany.


I am best known for my dramatic flying dress portraits set in stunning natural & historic landscapes, often after a hike to get there.

Today, the space in front of my lens is open to any Goddess! My style blends Nature, fashion, and fine art with a natural lighting approach. You'll notice my love for environmental portraits in bucket list destinations.


I prefer shooting on location in Germany, but travel frequently to experience Nature and photoshoots in the Alps, Mediterranean and Turkey.

Photography for me is an act of celebration of the Goddess inside each woman. My goal is to capture stories and emotions from women who aren't used to being in front of the Lens. 


The entire point is to create a legacy that will be passed on through generations.

Let me help you tell your story!

morgan snow 2021_edited.jpg
That's me, unsuccessfully trying to actually tire out my Alaskan husky on a 10 mile ride where he tows me on my bike.
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